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Enjoy a minute walk with this beautiful elephant herd!

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Or should we say, hundreds of miles!

People around the world are working hard to save the elephants.

Rosie Plaia from Different Rhythm Foundation is walking 160 miles for elephants, spreading awareness about the poaching crisis & raising funds for the Gallmann African Conservancy. (details here:http://www.differentrhythm.org/#!crosby-grace-kelly/c1j27)

Jim Justus Nyamu from Kenya is walking the “Nobel Walk” on the east coast spanning 544 miles from September 4-October 4, 2013. (details here:http://ivorybelongstoelephantswalk.com/)

Dr. Jennifer Dyck from Canada is traveling to Africa to walk 100 miles to raise funds for training of rangers to help combat poaching. “For the love of elephants, we could use more compassionate travellers like Dr. Jennifer Dyck. By going the extra mile for Africa’s elephants, this Canadian doctor from half a world away will not only have the opportunity to follow her passion for adventure travel. She’ll also get to make a lasting contribution to helping save the world’s most endangered wildlife.” (full story here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mark-sissons/african-elephants_b_3845816.html)

These are just three inspiring stories of people like YOU and ME making a difference for the world’s largest land mammal. Send a note of thanks today!

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160 Miles :: Send a Note of Encouragement!

Different Rhythm Foundation‘s founder Rosie Plaia is walking from Austin to Houston, 160 miles, to say NO to ivory! As she walks, she has found support from local police officers who have escorted her through towns in solidarity with her convictions against poaching. She has received support from a friend who walks alongside her, inspired by the cause. She is raising funds to help bring an end to poaching in Africa.

But it’s not all been roses for Rosie – she is enduring 100degree F weather walking 25-35 miles a day. She has blisters and a dislocated hip. She is tired. But she doesn’t stop!

She continues this walk for the elephants to raise public awareness for the plight of elephants. Please take a moment today to visit Different Rhythms Facebook Page and leave an encouraging note! And if you live in or near Houston, consider welcoming her to the city Thursday September 5th! Whole Foods Kirby will be presenting her with a Welcome Basket and Elephantopia will be there to celebrate!


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When There Were Giants Among Us


This weekend, Different Rhythm Foundation, a nonprofit in Austin, begins a 160 mile walk from Austin to Houston to raise awareness about the elephant poaching crisis. They will arrive sometime Thursday August 29th in Houston, to meet with Elephantopia and prepare for the October March for Elephants Event. Beginning TONIGHT (Friday evening August 23), this gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork will be open for auction. To bid, click HERE.

Award Winning, International Wildlife Artist, Sherry Steele, has donated a masterpiece to be auctioned off to push, 9 year old Crosby, to her goal (please read her cause to fully understand). Sherry is the only one in the world to use this pen & ink technique. Sherry mixes & layers her own shades of inks.

The piece is called, “When There Were Giants Among Us”.

Specs: Framed, S/N (signed and numbered), limited edition print on canvas. Overall dimensions are 30” w X 39” h.


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