Ele-News from Zambia

Ele-News from Zambia

The post below is shared from our friends at GRI Elephant Orphanage where we sponsor Kavalamanja (Kavala). Enjoy this post - and the spotlight on Kavala! There’s one day left - help us reach our goal of $3,000USD for Kavala by donating HERE.


This is Mphamvu, a new friend of Kavala’s

Yesterday marked a very important step in Mphamvu’s recovery. After he was given the ‘all clear’ from his blood test results, he was finally allowed to interact with the other orphans. We started a gradual interaction process, allowing the others to interact with him through the inner boma fence. Giving him the control of who he wanted to approach and when (and also giving him the choice to retreat back to his stable if it got a bit overwhelming!)

Kavalamanja, the youngest female (who is kindly sponsored by Elephantopia), has been keeping a close eye on him over the past few weeks, and was the first to approach him. Interestingly, the longest interaction was with Kafue, the only other elephant rescued from within Kafue National Park itself. After greeting (top right photo), Kafue shared Mphamvu’s bucket of water peacefully (bottom left). Oldest female Chamilandu was next to approach, but was a bit too enthusiastic when trying to investigate him, resulting in him quickly returning to the security of his stable.

When the orphans returned to the boma in the evening it was Tafika’s turn to investigate the new baby. Smelling him all over (bottom right), Mphamvu responding calmly and they fed on branches together. These social interactions are vital in forming bonds with his new family who will be essential for his emotional recovery.

Read details of Mphamvu’s rescue HERE


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