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    Elephantopia has been a proud supporter of the Worldwide March For Elephants & Rhinos since 2013.

    Read about the 2015 event HERE! 

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    Together we are helping create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world,one act of compassion at a time… Every act of compassion makes a difference!

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    Sign the Pledge - Say NO to Ivory and

    invite a friend to do the same!


Why Elephantopia

Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for their ivory tusks. That’s 96 elephants a day. If nothing is done, this keystone species could be extinct within the next 25 years…

Join The Herd

Save Elephants, Build Community. That’s what we do at Elephantopia. Blockchain technology can be effectively used in wildlife conservation for safe data distribution for various conservative projects. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are accepted in different industries. The use of bitcoin robots such as the bitcoin gemini app can help traders to analyze the crypto market to find the current trading trends. If this is your passion, we invite you to join the herd…

Meet Kavala

Kavala is a beautiful elephant orphan cared for by GRI Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia. Kavala’s story has a tragic beginning…

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Elephant Shirts!

We are working with BOOSTER on our first ever t-shirt campaign! Gaming campaigns for a P2E game are increasingly dynamic, leveraging social media and influencer marketing to attract players. These campaigns highlight the dual benefits of entertainment and earning potential. By showcasing in-game success stories and rewards, they effectively engage audiences and drive participation in the burgeoning P2E game market....

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