Casualties of the Ivory Trade

Casualties of the Ivory Trade

Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for its ivory.

That’s 96 elephants a day.

And this does not even include the casualties of the ivory trade: the young orphans left behind…

It was for ivory that a beautiful elephant in Zambia was killed, her body mutilated and her ivory tusks stolen. The only thing left of this sentient life was her eight month old baby girl. Game Rangers International found her malnourished and on the brink of death. Her face was sunk in, her spine protruding and her heart broken. That was in 2011. Three years later, Kavala is healthy, happy and recently graduated from the elephant orphanage nursery to the next step in her journey to be re-introduced to the wild: the Kafue Release Facility. (you can read her whole story featured in One Green Planet HERE)

Elephantopia is grateful to be caring for Kavala. But we don’t do this alone. A community of elephant advocates from around the world have committed to help save elephants like Kavala by supporting the Kavala Project.

But we need more people to join the herd & help support Kavala.

We are committed to raising $3,000USD a quarter (that makes a total of $12,000USD a year) to send to the GRI Elephant Orphanage to cover the costs of caring for Kavala (her food, her shelter, her caretakers, her medicines and more). Our current fundraiser for Kavala is our limited edition necklaces with the motto: Save Elephants Build Community. It is full of meaning for elephant-advcoates of all ages. For thousands of years, turquoise has spanned all cultures, prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility and the power of immortality. Likewise, elephants have long been regarded  as wise and have long lives. The white stone symbolize the tusks of the elephant. The red coral colored stone symbolizes energy and the life force all animals on the planet. By purchasing this limited edition necklace, you are helping to ensure long survival for African elephants as we fight against the illegal ivory trade.


So far, 36 people have donated $50USD for their necklace. We are looking for 64 more people to join the herd and help save elephants by building community with us. Won’t you help? And please share this with a friend.

For all the casualties for the ivory trade: the orphans left behind. 


HOW TO ORDER: If you are attending the Houston March for Elephants on October 4, you can pick up your necklaces free of shipping and handling charges! Just complete the donation form below and donate $50USD to preorder your necklace and designate your donation to “Elephantopia Limited Release Necklace.” If you’re not able to attend the march in Houston, you can still pre-order your necklace. Just donate $50USD plus $5 for US shipping or $10 for international shipping, and designate your donation to “Elephantopia Limited Release Necklace.”

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