Wednesday’s Word: Wahoo!

Wednesday’s Word: Wahoo!

What a week of celebrations here in the US this week! And it was because of elephant advocates like YOU! When a united community of elephant advocates get together, our voice is heard.

Earlier this week, Hallmark’s 14th Wedding Anniversary suggestions were based around the gift of ivory - and included this statement: “Many pieces of beautiful jewelry showcase ivory shed naturally from animals. Look online for options.”

We asked you to send your remarks to Hallmark to educate them that NO ivory should be purchased, and that every piece of ivory represents a dead elephant. To please stop supporting and promoting the slaughter of elephants for ivory jewelry! To say NO to ivory! And guess what? THEY LISTENED. Now this is what Hallmark has stated for the 14th Wedding Anniversary:


Theme: Animals
Note: The traditional 14th year gift was ivory, but endangered elephant populations make this an unethical choice.

For spouses
Tie a love note to a new stuffed animal…or to your dog’s collar. If you’ve never done it, try out a horseback riding lesson together. Or, take a nature walk and look for birds and other wildlife.

Go on an eco-tour to see animals in the wild.

For another couple
Donate to a wildlife organization in the couple’s name.

Send a note of thanks by clicking HERE

And then, in a landmark decision, NJ Governor Chris Christie signed into law bipartisan legislation prohibiting individuals from importing, selling or purchasing any ivory or rhinoceros horn product. It may be just one state, but we are confident that this is just the beginning of a great IVORY BAN in the US.

You can read more about it HERE.

It’s our hope that you realize your tweets, letters, emails and phone calls WORK. You are making a difference - helping to SAVE ELEPHANTS & BUILD COMMUNITY. THANK YOU. 


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