Hope for Chad


SOS Elephants of Chad and Stephanie Vergniault report from Chad that “After the recent massacres , Chadian forces are after the poachers. 30 tusks have been taken from poachers apparently in the past hours. Chad has declared a total war on the poachers ! We want them dead or alive, but neutralized for good ! No more elephants carcasses ! Congratulations to the CHAD armies! Congratulations to the Chadian authorities ! Chad has taken action , the whole army is deployed to catch the poachers . A few hours ago there was violent exchange between the regular army and the poachers located near the Logone oriental ..I told the authorities that it is a matter of honor for us to neutralize these criminals !! Enough tears.”

Photo of Chad’s elephants from SOS Elephants of Chad. Please visit them at www.soselephants.org/

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2 thoughts on “Hope for Chad

  1. Mark says:

    Great news! I’m concerned about the “dead or alive” bit but otherwise to think a government would put so many resources into protecting nature is wonderfully promising.

  2. […] NEWS from Chad! The poacher behind the March slaughter of 89 elephants in Chad, Hassan Idriss, also known as Gargaf, HAS BEEN CAPTURED!!! Environment Minister Mahamat […]

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