Elephant Apps

Here are a few of my favorite elephant apps. Do you know of others? Please share them with me in a comment below.

WWF has “the world’s most amazing” interactive map that is free. People of all ages will enjoy learning about the world’s endangered animals and will not forget the information that they will hear, touch and see through this app.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has a free app with details about the Trust, fostering, albums of orphans, rescue maps, news and more. A must have for all sponsor parents!

National Geographic’s special report on Blood Ivory can be read from your iPad with this free app (you can also listen to the report on iTunes for free)

A new interactive app from IFAW that is dedicated to Elephants which was also made available to all CITES delegates at the CoP16.

Mara EleApp is designed by ElephantVoices for the collection and upload of observations of the mara elephants. It’s built for Android-based cell phones.

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3 thoughts on “Elephant Apps

  1. Margery Bridstrup says:

    Apps unfortunately only available at US store….

  2. elephantopia says:

    We are sorry to hear that, we hope you were able to explore the IFAW app on their website. You may try to contact DSWF or WWF to see if they have any future plans to broaden these apps as many supporters for these organizations are based outside the US.

  3. Margery says:

    DSWT I have had since inception. Apple has helped me get the other 2 meanwhile.

    To protect elephants globally, we the public are asked to write CITIES which I have done. However, apparently at the recent CITIES meeting in Bangkok, it was reported that CITIES does not support a ban on the sale of ivory due to potential legal issues. This is vague at best. what are the specifics?. Also, one report stated it was recommended that trophy hunting be permitted to help bring money into the countries. Given trophy hunters do not eat their kill, and given the decline in elephant/rhino numbers, this seems a ludicrous suggestion. Would tourists not bring in more money?

    Are lawyers present at these CITIES meetings? Where can one get detail on the decisions made and the background leading to these decisions please? How many letters to CITIES are necessary to get them to take action?

    With criminal gangs with no respect for life regardless of human or other animal, with AK-47s, helicopters and planes and with local governments in part in collusion with the criminals and with local prosecutions resulting only in nominal fines, the situation would seem to be dire. In a recent newscast an ex US Navy SEAL was interviewed for being on the hunt for these criminals. Unfortunately, I do not believe any of the local governments can afford to hire the necessary well trained guardians/militia to protect these precious mammals.

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