Petition for Elephants

Please sign our Petition to Pope Francis asking him to SAY NO to ivory used in religious art!

3 thoughts on “Petition for Elephants

  1. fardanes says:

    great: a Harmonious Future for Elephants & Humans

    • Charmaine Shannon says:

      WE, as Humans, must make this Happen!! WE are their Voice and we DO NOT have the right to take away their HABITAT and FREEDOM for our own WORTHLESS REASONS!!

  2. vijay singh desimone says:

    Animals have every right to their place on this earth and humans (horrid) kind, still treat animals with contempt and violate their basic instinct to survival. PEOPLE WEARING IVORY AND HAVING ORNAMENTS SHOULD WAKE UP TO THIS CRUELTY AND DEATH TO THESE BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS. IGNORANT TYPES WHO KILL AND LEAVE THESE DEFENSELESS ANIMALS BETTER BEWARE…FOR EVERY ACTION, THERE IS A REACTION “KARMA.”

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