News Update

This Monday it seems there is a LOT going on in the world of elephant news! Here are a few snippets to keep you updated:

  • Joyce Poole is in China. Why? “It’s either China does something, or we lose the elephants. It’s that big…If we can’t even save the elephants - such an iconic keystone animal, important to the African habitat - then what hope do we have?” She claims that most in China do not realize where the “white gold” (ivory) comes from, and hopes that as she educates, consumers of ivory will change their habits. Poole is visiting Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing to give talks and raise awareness on the issue. “I think many people don’t know that you can’t get the tusks [for ivory] without killing the elephants,” Poole said. “Also, the ivory [the world] gets today is all from killing the elephants, none from natural death now.” Read the full article HERE.
  • Also, Joyce Poole met Celia Ho and shared on facebook, “Yesterday I had the pleasure in Hong Kong to finally meet Celia Ho, the 14 year old who is trying to raise public awareness about the plight of elephants. She gave me an origami elephant made by her mother with the words, “Every Tusk Costs a Life, Don’t Buy Ivory” written on it. Thank you Celia and thank you Mama Celia. I am very grateful to you both.”
  • GOOD NEWS from Chad! The poacher behind the March slaughter of 89 elephants in Chad, Hassan Idriss, also known as Gargaf, HAS BEEN CAPTURED!!! Environment Minister Mahamat Issa Halikimi said, “It is unacceptable that lawless men roam our forests and carry out massacres of large animals when efforts to protect the environment in our country are well recognized internationally,” Let’s keep an eye on this news to see if the punishment fits the crime as the country proceeds to bring Gargaf to justice. Read the full article HERE.
  • Our hearts go out to the Gondwana Game Reserve with the loss of Thandora. Thandora was a zoo elephant who was rehabilitated and released into the wild (under close watch from care-takers). She fell ill last week and passed away on Thursday June 13…Read last diary entry HERE
  • Earlier last week, The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in the Philippines announced it was going to burn five tons of seized elephant tusks. However, after conservationists opposed the burning for air quality health issues, the DENR has decided to instead  crush the confiscated ivory on June 21. This Friday, the destruction of some US10 million worth of elephant tusks intercepted and seized by customs officials since 2009 will be destroyed to show the country’s support for the global campaign to end the illegal trade of wildlife species. Read the full article HERE.

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