The Price of an Elephant

The Price of an Elephant

It’s a beautiful day, you are excited to be window shopping, finding gifts for your family and that perfect item for yourself. You’re perusing the aisles when suddenly you see it. Your heart lurches into your throat. You’re horrified. You feel sick to your stomach. You’re infuriated. And you feel helpless…There’s a dead elephant in this store - and its beautiful ivory tusks have been cut out, carved up and slapped with a price tag.

I wish this scenario wasn’t a common occurrence. But I know for a fact that in the US, there are many stores that still sell ivory or encourage others to sell ivory (most recently in the news, Hallmark stores).

When you see ivory in a store, it’s the perfect chance to be an elephant ambassador and gently inform the shop owners about the realities of the ivory trade. But if you’re anything like me, you get tongue tied and flustered.

Elephantopia has created an editable letter you can use and we highly encourage you to SHARE THIS RESOURCE with your friends. CLICK HERE to access the letter. This way the words you say will be remembered as they are seen on paper. And just like the Hallmark success story, other stores may agree to join the herd and say NO to IVORY because of you.

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