Update from the Elephant Orphanage

Thank you for helping us reach our quarterly goal of $3,000USD for Kavala at the GRI Elephant Orphanage in Zambia. If you haven’t joined the herd yet, please GIVE TODAY and designate your gift to the Elephant Orphanage Project: Kavala. Take a moment to enjoy some updates from the ellies there!
Its been a month since Mphamvu decided he would join the other orphans on the walk - and what a month it has been for him! Starting off nervously at the back of the group, he is now a lot more confident with the bigger elephants (in the top left photo you can see him leading a walk!) You can see how this little guy is dwarfed by Chodoba (top right) but he feeds and mud bathes with the big ellies as if he feels he now belongs (bottom right - mud bathing between Chamlilandu and Chodoba, bottom left - mud bathing with Kafue).

His bond with Kavala has endured (middle right) and they are often seen moving around together with Maramba in a tight group - the three ‘newbies’ of the Release Facility. He has also been playing with Mosi and Tafika. Even Rufunsa has stopped chasing him around - long enough to release they actually quite like one another! Our keepers have reported in the last few days they are even sleeping next to each other!

Mphamvu’s health has also improved hugely. He is active and gaining weight. He feeds well on walks, and pushes down small trees showing his strength! He happily emits a greeting rumble as soon as he sees the keeper with his milk, and finishes all his feeds in seconds. This is a very different elephant than the thin fragile little boy who arrived with us in September and we are so thankful he is with us this Christmas. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen and all your support and positive thoughts!

Have a lovely Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

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