Foster Friday Highlights

I love the David Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation. It’s an amazing organization dedicated to rehabilitating Africa’s orphaned elephants due to the poaching crisis. Every Friday they have something called “Foster Friday” where they invite you to help care for an orphaned elephant and protect the future of Africa’s wildlife. I currently foster Naipoki and love every minute of it. I’ve had the blessing of meeting her in person and enjoy my e-updates and photos shared from the trust. It’s a great way to get involved with helping Africa’s elephants! This is a great clip from Jay Leno interviewing Kristin Davis about her story of  rescuing an orphaned elephant in 2009.


First Lady Kenayatta with Tundani

It was also exciting this week to learn that Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on June 18 to meet the orphans and decided to sponsor an ellie: Tundani, a calf, who was estimated to be under a year old when found along the Tiva River in Tsavo East National Park last year. This is the FIRST Kenyan official to publically take personal interest in the crisis facing Kenya’s elephants. See more photograph, watch a short video about Kenyatta’s experience and read details HERE.

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