It’s Earth Day: Earth Week and here are some stories to inspire you to be an elephant advocate!
1. Shared from iWorry: A letter from Aspen Elementary School, Colorado, USA calling on world leaders to stop elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade in China. The next generation is calling on governments around the world to take action for elephants! If you haven’t done so already, you can also write your own letter to Chinese Ambassadors. Find out more at

Letter from school children shared from iWorry

2. Elaine Ross wrote, and played, all instruments and vocals on the single “Where Will It End”, with a little bit of help from her 7 year old niece who sings a part as well as a lot of the artwork for the video. The song and video are about conservation issues and ALL profits from the sale go directly to Elephant Nature Park who are fully aware of the fundraising. Elaine hopes to not only raise funds but also make people aware of how critical the conservation of species and protection of habitat and ocean are right now. (Read her story and listen to her song in the The Huffington Post article “Can Sharks And iTunes Rescue Elephants“)

3. YOU - children in a school have written a letter to various governmental leaders. A woman and her niece wrote a powerful song with proceeds going towards elephant care. How can you be an innovative conservationist? (for more inspiring stories click here) The possibilities are endless.

“Creativity is contagious - pass it on!

~Albert Einstein

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