Twas the Week before Christmas

Twas the Week before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas

And both day and night

Baby ellies were dancing

And jumping in delight!

That people like you

And people like me

Would take the next step

To say NO to ivory!

Maybe it’s a share,

Maybe it’s a like,

Maybe it’s a foster

But whatever it might,

Little ellies in Africa hope that next year

Will be full of safety and love and no more fear.


This Christmas, give a gift of life.

  1. Sponsor an orphaned elephant with us! We love little Kavala (pictured above from GRI Elephant Orphanage)
  2. LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter — then invite your friends too so together we can spread awareness about elephants to more people.
  3. BUY a shirt or a bumper sticker to show your support!
  4. Stay tuned for some big announcements coming spring 2014 as we begin the process of applying for 501C3 status and launching new partnerships!

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