Word from the Wise

“We continue to urge governments around the world to destroy their ivory stockpiles, and we need your help to spread the arguments for why this is so important. With normal products simple rules of supply and demand means that you can get prices down by increasing supply. Elephants teeth are not a normal commodity, though. Previous sales from stockpiles (1999, 2008) sent the signal that buying ivory is okay and stimulate huge demand, and allowed a dying carving industry to recover. Currently the market for ivory is far larger than the remaining elephant population can “supply” through ivory that is recovered from natural deaths. The only way to meet the demand is through unsustainable killing. This is not the answer, it is a death penalty and the path to extinction. Destruction of stockpiles is the only way forward - to signal the shame of the trade. Domestic bans in countries representing demand must follow.” -Joyce Poole

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  1. Ann Murray

    The slaughter of all animals for what is perceived to be either fashionable, for rights of passage ceremonial purposes or even just for the sheer greed of humans is totally unacceptable. The cruel manner in which these animals are killed is totally barbaric and it is time that humans realise that animals bleed and hurt just as much as they do when hurt or robbed of what is important to them, such as their horns, tusks, etc.

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