Nearly 2K in 2Days

WE MET OUR INITIAL GOAL! The $1400 will cover all the basic start-up costs needed for Elephantopia to be an official nonprofit. Thank you for your important support, we couldn’t do this without YOU.

NOW we need to raise $4500 to begin corporate care for Kavala, an orphaned elephant in the care of GRI Elephant Orphanage in Zambia. Our friends at GRI need other organizations (like Elephantopia) to help cover the costs for the care and management of the orphaned elephants (and that includes the people who take care of the precious babies). Elephantopia is looking for a herd of elephant advocates to join us in corporately sponsoring Kavala. Again, we can’t do this without YOU. 

So THANK YOU for your help. Please share this cause with your family & friends - let’s reach our (or even exceed!) stretch goal in the next 44 days!

~Elizabeth Chitwood

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