This July, Governor Christie will decide if he will sign S2012/A3128 into law. The measure bans all domestic ivory and rhino horn sales in the State of New Jersey.

Please take this moment to ask Gov. Christie to ban elephant ivory and rhino horn sales domestically to turn the tide in New Jersey for these iconic species.


Send an email to:

[email protected]

If this address does not work, please use his online contact form

Call: 609-262-6000

Sample email:

Dear Governor,

You were there to support the people of New Jersey during Superstorm Sandy - will you now turn the tide to save the elephants we love?

The legal market fuels the illegal market and international criminals are making $19 billion smuggling wildlife annually, creating world instability and funding terrorism.

Thank you for your service when you worked as U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey. Please continue to protect the safety and security of NJ residents by outlawing the ivory trade and subsequent terrorist activities. Please support a full ivory and rhino sales ban to save these kestone species. Sign S2012/A3128 without  delay!



[Your Name, Your Town]

Thanks to Elephants DC for this information and photographs!

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