Houston March Update

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This past week has been very busy getting our fundraising campaign started, meeting with the Houston Zoo Wildlife Conservation Department and Whole Foods Kirby. Here’s a quick update on the latest happenings to keep you informed and in the herd!

  • Since we are a support march to the official marches around the world, we have created our own timeline banners for facebook and encourage you to use if for your timeline, especially if you are in Houston or surrounding areas (the color version and B/W version are shown on this page). The best way to get people informed is through social media. It‚Äôs time to gather the herd and get a large group present for the Houston Support March!! PLUS, the first 125 people to attend will be receiving “goody-bags” with some pretty neat stuff inside!
  • Whole Foods is donating 125 reusable bags with water bottles and snacks for our Friday march. They are also interested in working together with the Houston Zoo for a Saturday morning event. This would allow for families to be involved and learn more about the poaching crisis in a fun, family-friendly environment. This event is still TBD as details are still being discussed.
  • I met with the conservation department at the zoo and was so excited to hear about the programs already going on at the Houston Zoo to help end the poaching crisis. The Houston Zoo works closely with Save the Elephants, founded by renowned Dr. Ian Douglas-Hamilton. He will be coming to speak at their October Gala and throughout the coming weeks, the Zoo will be sharing information about how Houston is involved with ending the poaching crisis and ways locals here can get involved. We are proud to have the Zoo‚Äôs support in spreading the word about our October 4th march and for donating Elephant ¬†bracelets to participants.
  • Our fundraising campaign has been going for one week and we have already raised over $300. This is very encouraging! Our goal is $1000 to help us cover basic costs of printing, permits, t-shirts, etc. Please consider donating $1 today to help us reach our goal! This week we used $52.85 to obtain a permit for the march at City Hall. We should hear back within two weeks if we are accepted or denied.

Overal, the momentum for this march is growing and Elephantopia is thrilled to see such commitment and support to spread awareness about this cause with local Houstonians. Looking for a way to participate? JOIN US and DONATE TO THE CAUSE TODAY! 

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