Happy Weekend: Rain or Shine, Hope You’re Feeling Fine!

This delightful video is shared from The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Ronnie and Debbie enjoy playing in a rainstorm. Hope whatever weather you find yourself in this weekend, you’re happy and enjoying each blissful moment!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Weekend: Rain or Shine, Hope You’re Feeling Fine!

  1. Susan Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for this! Sometimes in the middle of so much despair, it is such a relief to watch elephants having fun and knowing that these two, at least, will always be safe.

  2. Lois Masso says:

    I just watched a program on National Geographic Wild where lightening hit the ground near 5 elephants. The discharge ran underground and entered each elephant at one of its legs going thru its entire body and exiting a leg on the opposite end and killed all of them including 2 unborn calves. I wouldn’t say standing in a rainstorm to be a fun thing to do. Then I read your email and worried about those 2 standing out there in the rain. Didn’t want to put this comment on the email as it is too sad to think about when the video was meant to be uplifting.

    Lois Masso

    Palm Bay, FL

    • elephantopia says:

      Hi Lois,

      Thank you for your note! How traumatic for those elephants you saw on the show. Thunderstorms can be very dangerous for all life. We are thankful that the elephants in this video clip were not harmed, and we are sure that the people who care for them at the Elephant Sanctuary do their best to keep them safe.

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