March for Elephants: NEEDS

March for Elephants: NEEDS

Many of you have expressed a desire to help with the March for Elephants Houston event. This year we will be located at Central Green at La Centerra in Katy, TX from 10am-2pm with games, crafts, live music and more….all free of charge and open to the public! Here’s a few ways YOU can help out!

Below is a list of needs and a flyer that you can share on social media and print to distribute to family and friends in your workplace, schools, neighborhoods, libraries and more.


  1. Attend the event – and please invite at least one person to come with you!
  2. Print off our flyers and distribute in your neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, libraries, and more.
  3. SHARE, Share, share the event on social media – twitter, facebook, etc… DOWNLOAD THE PDF FLYER HERE
  4. Preorder a limited edition necklace or get your Say NO to IVORY gear for the event - all proceeds go to Kavala, an elephant orphan victim of the ivory trade in Zambia at GRI Elephant Orphanage
  5. Donate to the event - every dollar helps

If you are interested to supply materials or to help make crafts and activities for the event, please connect with us:

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