Speak Up for Elephants

Barack Obama meets with China’s President Xi Jinping next week. Elephantopia believes it is imperative they discuss the problem of poaching and it’s correlation to terrorism and national security threats.

Please call, tweet, or email the President to get is issue on the agenda for next week’s meeting!


Comments: 202-456-1111

Switchboard: 202-456-1414




@BarackObama #SayNoToIvory. Talk Poaching Wildlife Crime w/ China Prez President Xi Jinping next week. Poaching == Terrorism. Talk about it!

SAMPLE LETTER (via email) - chose “Foreign Policy” or “National Security” as your “topic/subject”

Dear Mr. President.

Re: Elephant/Rhino poaching and Terrorism in view of your meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping next week: June 2013.

Terrorism is a serious threat to the stability of the USA and the rest of the world, International crime syndicates sponsoring poaching and wildlife trafficking are also (directly) sponsoring terrorism.

China is a major port/destination for internationally and criminally smuggled ivory and rhino horn; these operations are decimating wildlife, human communities and damaging local economies.

Please address this issue directly with Chinese President Xi Jinping during your meeting with him next week - China is NOT doing enough to enforce its laws and its open (legal) ivory carving factories remain viable primarily due to “poached” ivory.

Poaching is sponsoring terrorism. Address it.

Thank you,
Your name


Speak Up For Elephants!

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7 thoughts on “Speak Up for Elephants

  1. Barbara Lovett says:

    Mr. President, please implore the Chinese President to do everything he can to stop the elephant and rhino poaching crisis by his country! The Chinese are killing every animal for profit and it must stop NOW. Humans are the scourge of the planet, and we will pay dearly for our actions!

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  3. Elsie nicholls says:

    Please, please save the elephants, these beautiful majestic creatures are being tortured used abused and slaughtered, the same goes for the rino all for money money money. What will happen when the elephant and the rino are no more. Profit will be lost, what will happen?. STOP NOW. Please save these beautiful creatures they have a natural place on this Earth where they should live in freedom and safety

  4. elephantopia says:

    ACTION ALERT, please distribute widely: OCCUPY THE STREETS FOR ELEPHANTS! Show up. Friday 4th October 2013 #SayNoToIvory

    “We will be holding an International March Day at 8 cities around the world urging China and National Governments to take action and to tackle the illegal ivory trade - but we can’t do this alone.”

    Write and tell then you are IN! And if you think you can organize a march in a city unlisted, SAY SO. Thanks.

    email: [email protected]

    Coordinated by iWorry and the The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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  6. Marie Waskevich says:

    Please stop torture and abuse of elephants and rhinos. Please.

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