Music for Elephants

Music for Elephants

Where words fail, music speaks.

Sometimes words just aren’t enough. We hear the words that one elephant is slaughtered every 15 minutes. We hear the words that over 1,000 rangers have been killed by poachers over the past decade. We hear the words “say no to ivory.”

But sometimes these words just wash over us, as if we’ve been desensitized.

And that’s where music steps in. With the ability to set words into motion, music transforms our very being. Music brings life and vitality to words that sometimes lay dormant. That’s why we are very excited to announce that singer/songwriter Shane Jones will be performing at our Global March for Elephants and Rhinos event at La Centerra Central Green on October 4. Shane has written a song that specifically raises awareness about elephants and the ivory trade. Proceeds from the sales of his CDs will also go towards Project Kavala: each quarter we try to raise $3,000USD to cover the cost of raising this orphaned elephant victim of the ivory trade in Zambia. Come out to learn more about elephants, the ivory trade, and to hear this special song, LIVE! Click HERE to learn more about Shane Jones.

We’ve also got two other phenomenal bands lined up to perform: Mickey and the 40 Hands Band, and the Frank Hart Blue’s BandTake a moment to listen to their music and get ready to rock!


So come out and join us from 10am-2pm, bring your family and friends, sit back and enjoy the music, write a thank-you letter to a ranger in Africa, sponsor an orphaned elephant with Elephantopia…

Let’s build a community committed to saving elephants and rhinos.

See you there!


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