All I Want for Christmas…

All I Want for Christmas…

This holiday season we’ve partnered with Marian Hailey-Moss, children’s book writer, to spread some holiday cheer with her latest elephant coloring book! We have an exclusive number of “Nala, the Little Elephant” coloring books available for purchase, with proceeds going to support Kavala, an orphaned elephant in Zambia whose family was killed by poachers.


Books are $10USD (includes shipping and handling fees for both US and international addresses) - when purchasing please designate the “NALA ELEPHANT BOOK” fund.

Questions? Email us here

Thank you for supporting the orphans at the GRI Elephant Orphanage (pictured above) with us!


We are thrilled and honored to be partnering with Marian. Below is an exclusive interview founder and director Elizabeth Chitwood had with the author Marian about the purpose and vision of this project. What a better way to help build community this holiday season while simultaneously saving elephants? Join the herd! Let’s do this!

1.What inspired you to make these books?

I found out that kids were coloring the images in storybooks that I had authored. And so the Coloring Book Fairy whispered…“Let’s do a coloring book!” We got a terrific team together – Marc Chalvin, a Parisian artist, whose illustrations are full of whimsy and heart; Syndi Shumer, a children’s writer with credits on projects produced by the likes of Sesame Workshop and Nickelodeon, was a rigorous and creative editor; Sue Morgan and Mat Freeman of Brand Bionic did a great job of formatting and graphic design; and we are proud to say: NALA is printed in the U.S. by A&A printing.


  1. Is the character Nala based on true events?

NALA is a fictional character who represents the natural way of life for a little elephant growing up in Africa; a life that, so far, has not been interrupted by poachers—the elephant’s greatest threat today.


3.What is your hope for these books to accomplish? 

Our goal is for kids to find a friend in NALA, through a story that is fun and educational. We hope kids will discover that NALA isn’t so different from them in that she likes to play, has feelings, and is learning every day about being a grown-up. It would be a real privilege to help foster and inspire empathy in young children so that as they go through the journey of coloring NALA’s story, they may also become aware of where ivory comes from, how it is a danger to elephants, and be encouraged to gently and lovingly share this reminder with others. NALA the Little Elephant is an attempt to awaken children to the wonder of the elephant, an animal whose secrets we’re just beginning to know.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today! Be sure to designate your $10USD donation to the NALA ELEPHANT BOOK fund.

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