Kavala’s New Friend

Kavala’s New Friend

Last week we shared an update on Kavala and her new friend at the Kafue Release Facility in Zambia. Here’s a few more pictures and continued story shared from GRI Elephant Orphanage Project. 

Thank you for helping us support Kavala - because of your donations, the cost of caring for her ($3,000USD every quarter!) is covered so that the GRI Elephant Orphanage can continue to care for Zambia’s wildlife! PLEASE DONATE TO KAVALA’S FUND TODAY.

During the past week Mphamvu’s confidence has gone from strength to strength, as he is interacting more with the other orphans, and getting to know his environment better. A particular favourite of his is spending time mudding at the water hole in the outer boma. One lunch time he even managed to get a bit stuck in the sloshy mud - his keepers were quick to give him a helping hand out again! Here he is with Batoka (top left) and Kafue (top left, bottom left).

After their initial greeting through the fence, bonds with Kafue and Kavala seemed to have endured, as Mphamvu seems most relaxed in their gentle company. However, four year old Rufunsa hasn’t been quite as welcoming, and has been giving Mphamvu somewhat of a hard time! Normally this is when Rufunsa’s surrogate mother, Chamilandu pays Mphamvu any attention… we are sure they will be able to sort out their ‘sibling’ rivalry in time!

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