Resolve to Do the Dishes

Resolve to Do the Dishes

As a new week begins, I like to think: how am going to make a difference? Alison Langevad Photography shared some truly inspirational photographs from Botswana with Elephantopia, and I decided to post a picture on Elephantopia’s Facebook page with a quote to motivate our community of ele-advocates to save the earth. Then I found this gem:

everyone wants to save the earth,

but nobody wants to help mom do the dishes. 

Ouch. This quote is so true it bites. The idea of saving the earth is so big, so far out of any one individual person’s reach, that it’s the easiest way to feel good about doing absolutely nothing!

“What’s your goal in life”

“Oh, you know, to save the earth.”

Sounds great, but how exactly is one to save the earth?

By helping mom do the dishes. Finding the simple, seemingly mundane work at your fingertips and doing it with excellence making a positive difference in the world.

I hope these pictures inspire you to figure out what the “dishes” are in your life that you can do to help save elephants and build community. I know that these two goals can’t be done alone. We need each other and so do the elephants. 

(Want to help Elephantopia do the dishes this holiday season? Consider supporting our work with Kavala, an orphaned elephant in Zambia. Donate today and receive JOY holiday cards or an elephant ornament made from Forget-Me-Not seeds that can be planted for the new year to help you remember your commitment to making this world a better place for all!)

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