Wild Zambia

Better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times.

Elephantopia invites you to explore Zambia with us on our annual photo safari. Zambia is a peaceful African nation that is teeming with wildlife. It’s a hidden gem, with beautiful people and opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.

In 2016, Elephantopia led our first photo safari through Journey to Africa with a small group of people to visit our project partners, Game Rangers International (GRI). The photo safari began with a behind the scenes tour of the Elephant Orphanage Project in Lilayi, just outside Lusaka. From there, the team traveled to Mukambi Lodge in Kafue National Park, home to elephants, lions, puku and hippos (including a “resident” hippo, Bazil,  who often greets visitors at the lodge, pictured below). Sport Beattie, founder and director of GRI joined us for sundowners after safari to hear about the animal encounters we experienced and to share with us the work his anti poaching team does to ensure the survival of Kafue’s natural wonders. We also had the opportunity to visit the local school founded by GRI that ensures the children living in the park whose parents either work at the lodge or for the anti poaching unit have the opportunity to go to school. From there, we traveled to South Luangwa, staying at Flatdogs Camp where we were spoiled with elephants walking through the grounds, lions roaring nightly, hippos in the river below the tents, and daily sightings of leopard, hyena, giraffe and zebra. Oh and we can’t forget the endearing baboons and vervet monkeys that can be seen all over Zambia!


We are already planning the 2017 photo safari for May of 2017 with exact dates to be announced. Here is a sneak peak into the details of the trip:

  1. Visit the Lilayi Elephant Orphanage, with unique behind the scenes experience
  2. Experience Kafue National Park, staying at Mukambi Lodge, having a dinner and discussion with GRI Founder and Director, Sport Beattie. While at this lodge we will also visit the Mukambi school and distribute school, hygienic and recreational items to the 80 students who attend this rural school.
  3. Take a quick drive out to the Kafue Release Facility to have dinner with Lisa Olivier, Manager of the Elephant Orphanage Release Facility. We will also have a behind the scenes tour to meet the release herd, including Kavalamanja.
  4. Travel to South Luangwa to explore a different part of Zambia where leopard is almost a guaranteed sighting and elephants often walk through camp!
  5. NEW FOR 2017: Visit Victoria Falls in Livingstone and take a walking safari with the endangered white rhinos.
  6. The trip will culminate with an afternoon of shopping at a local market for souvenirs before the long flight back home commences.

Interested to explore Zambia with us in 2017? Send us an email here!

Want to go deeper and stay longer in this beautiful country? Consider volunteering for a month with Game Rangers International! You can learn more about this program by visiting