iWorry Campaign in Chinese & Japanese

Much of the ivory trade is occurring in China where the public has not been educated about elephant tusks (they believe that tusks naturally fall off, not realizing that each tusk represents an elephant killed). The iWorry campaign has created websites in Chinese and Japanese to educate this market - this is a significant step in elephant education in Asia! Check out this announcement from the iWorry campaign below:

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese versions of the iWorry campaign! As known buyers of ivory it is important to reach out and educate those who are unaware of the brutal truth behind the devastating ivory trade. We are very grateful to our wonderful volunteers, Kaori Hill and Soe Cheung allowing us to make these translations a reality. Please share the links below with friends around the world and help us reach our target of 50,000 signatures before the CITES meeting in March.


And if YOU haven’t signed yet, here’s the link in English:


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