Action for Elephants Wednesday

Action for Elephants Wednesday

Today is ACTION for ELEPHANTS WEDNESDAY - an opportunity to do more than just LIKE a page or post, but to MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE in the war on the ivory trade.

1) JOIN THE HERD - right now, every dollar donated goes directly to care for Kavala at GRI Elephant Orphanage in Zambia. The cost to care for her needs for one year is $12000. Help us get half-way there this week! Plus you’ll get an awesome thank you gift from us:

Donate Today:

2) SIGN FOR ELEPHANTS - be their voice and let the US government know that it’s time to BAN IVORY. As the world’s second largest consumer of ivory, we need to send a strong signal to others that we will not tolerate, nor participate, in the bloody ivory trade. We need to have 100,000 signatures by the end of May to gain an audience with President Obama.

Be Their Voice: Sign Today

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