Survivors of Poaching Snares

Survivors of Poaching Snares

This past June, I had the opportunity to travel to Kenya for three weeks and observe elephants from Tsavo East to Amboseli (you can read all about it HERE). While camping in Tsavo East, I met rangers who work for Care For the Wild. These rangers work 24/7 protecting wildlife from poachers. The team removes well over 1000 snares per year. Based on a conservative estimate of 5% daily catch potential per set snare these patrols prevent the potential maiming and killing of around 150,000 animals every year. However, one ranger confessed to me that this year will probably be a busy one for them since there was little rainfall, so many locals will be coming into the park to poach the smaller animals for food. However,  snares do not discriminate between what sort of animals get caught, killed or maimed.

Below is a photograph of snares removed from the park by the rangers I met.

Snares found and removed from the park


Often, larger animals such as elephants will get caught in a snare. A few days later while visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust stockades at Voi, I met this beautiful orphan Mbirikani, a victim of one of these snares. Luckily, she survived.



Unfortunately, snares are a real problem in African wildlife parks. These graphics are shared from DSWT’s anti poaching units show just how many snares are found and destroyed by rangers each year in various parts of Kenya.


What can be done? Join the Herd!

Join Elephantopia in supporting GRI: Game Rangers International in Zambia! GRI is an organization dedicated to protecting Zambia’s wildlife from poachers. They also care for orphaned elephants, many of whom are victims of the ivory trade and human-elephant conflict. For World Ranger Day we sent your notes of encouragement to rangers and every quarter we seek to raise $3,000USD to cover the care of Kavala, an orphaned elephant victim of the ivory trade. This October 4, we are participating in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. We invite you to come out and join our event if you live nearby! Otherwise, please consider donating to the March HERE or participating in our fundraiser for Kavala HERE. With your help, we are building a community of people committed to saving elephants! Thank you!

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  1. Jenai

    I live in Colorado. I’d love to March, but don’t know how to find out. Can I get some info? I’ve been following Raju’s story, and have donated to help with his care. Even if I can’t March I will donate to help the baby.Bless his heart, and all of you too.

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