Thanks to Stacy James for bringing this to our attention.
1. Complete and Share this LINK: YES/FOR SB398. 
2. Call or email these committee members early this week and ask them to PASS SB398 asking for a ban on ivory sales in NV.
Senator Becky Harris 
Senator Patricia Farley
Senator James Settelmeyer
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  1. Kathee Morey

    Please sign and pass the bill. Elephant and Rhinos have feelings just like you and I do!You cant allow these poachers to kill innocent animals! Leaving behind infants with Mothers! Stop the killings!!!!

  2. Carole Menninger

    Just called all 3 Committee members and will follow up with an email urging ALL to vote FOR SB 398…….certainly hope many in Nevada will be doing the same.

  3. Christina L. Powell

    Please help the millions of people around the world who are working diligently to stop the destruction of the elephant species. The ivory for trinkets support the drug trade, terrorism, and other inhumane activity in our world. Please stop the killings, and also please ban circuses that exhibit elephants. These elephants are torn from their families and are leased from a company that has been fined many times for animal cruelty. The elephants travel from city to city performing in circuses. When people see an elephant doing tricks, how does one think that the elephant learned the trick. They are often not given food, and are prodded and poked in their mouths, on the head, and every else on their bodies until they do what the trainer tells them. Elephants in a circus recently were tested and TB was found in many of them, having exposed thousands of people to TB. Please help!!!!

  4. Gloria sumner

    Please pass this bill and lead all other states who haven’t to do so. While traveling in Kenya in September, I was told, after asking about the poaching problems that it has gotten worse since the Chinese have come into their country to build roads. The USA and other responsible countries need to pressure China and other southeast Asian countries to STOP buying ALL ivory. Money is causing very poor people in Kenya to kill their wonderful national treasures! We as a country need to put pressure on the END SOURCE countries to STOPThe ivory trade!

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