Elephantopia: changing the world one elephant at a time

Elephantopia: changing the world one elephant at a time

We are thrilled to have been listed in The Blue Dot Post recent article on animal charities changing the world! Thank you for your continued support as we work together to Save Elephants and Build Community! The post below and the featured picture are both shared directly from the article.

As a follow up to a previous article I wrote, The Top Five Reputable Animal Charities, I thought it would be a great spring board to this article. There are so many worthy charities that do great things. Here are five I found to be very worthy and their donations are being allocated to the right places. You can search Charity Watch if you wanted to verify reputability.

Keep in mind not all charities will show up on the Charity Watch list. For example, a smaller charity may be very reputable but fall under the radar.


Elephantopia is an organization that is near and dear to my heart as I have watched them slowly grow. I recently joined their Board and am really impressed how much they have done to bring awareness for elephant conservation! Their mantra is simple and highly effective: Save Elephants, Build Community.

The two goals, Save Elephants, Build Community, are inherently linked together. Elephantopia works to build a community of people (local, national, and international) who are committed to raising awareness about elephants and ending the ivory trade. They have partnered with GRI Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia and are committed, with the support a community of people like you, to covering the costs of Kavalamanja (Kavala for short)…CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

GET INVOLVED and HELP SAVE ELEPHANTS by sponsoring Kavala with us!


Happy and healthy, thanks to the care of GRI Elephant Orphanage Project. Kavala is on the left, followed by Maramba.

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  1. Nancy

    Hi, you asked to alert friends. I would post this on Facebook but I don’t see anything I can copy and post about this day. A small banner with a link to the donation area would be good.


    Nancy K.

    PS: Yes, I donated.

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