Today is the Day!

Today is the Day!

May 1 is our Day of Giving Campaign! We hope you will join the herd and donate $1 to our Kavala fund - then go ahead and invite a friend to do the same! If everyone gives just $1, in just one day we can raise enough funds to fully care for this orphaned elephant victim of the ivory trade for the rest of 2015!

Who is Kavala? Kavalamanja is an elephant whose mother was killed by poachers in 2011. She now lives under 24/7 supervision of caretakers at the GRI Elephant Orphanage in Zambia. The average cost to care for her is $35 a day. Elephantopia is a Project Parter with GRI and is committed to raising the $12,000USD annually by building a community of elephant advocates like yourself around the world who want to help save elephants! Thank you for joining the herd with us to care for Kavala. Together, we are changing the world, one elephant at a time!

Elephantopia is a 501(c)3 registered organization that is fully run by volunteers. All proceeds donated go directly to our Kavala fund for GRI Elephant Orphanage. 

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