Elephant Appreciation Day

Elephant Appreciation Day

September 22 is ELEPHANT APPRECIATION DAY! Take a moment to share with a friend why YOU love elephants! Maybe you love their big ears, their long trunks, their playful spirits…tell a friend and share this post with them!

Kavala at the GRI Elephant Orphanage shared from GRI

Then JOIN THE HERD with us to support Kavala, an orphaned elephant victim of the ivory trade. We’re trying to reach our quarterly goal of $3,000USD and we’re only about $750 away! 




Elephants are herd animals, they live in a community and care for one another. They have a lot to teach us about living together!

Elephants have a great memory. Their  brans are huge: 10-11 pounds and the hippocampus (where memories are stored) is the largest part of their brain.

Elephants are playful! They love their family and friends, and know how to show it. In fact, elephants need to live in community, even bull elephants are thought to exist in “bachelor herds.”

Elephants are “mega-gardeners,” meaning that they have direct impact on the lives of plant and animal species around them. For instance, when an elephant digs for water, other animals benefit from drinking that water too. And hundreds of trees depend on the elephant for their survival through propagation.

Elephants need US! Currently, one elephant is killed for it’s ivory tusks every 15 minutes. The ivory is sold on the illegal wildlife market funding terrorist organizations like Al Shabaab and the LRA. With only 400,000 elephants left in the wild, if nothing is done to stop the ivory trade, elephants will be extinct in Africa as early as 2025!

What can be done? Help protect the future elephant generations with us! Kavala is an orphaned elephant being cared for by the GRI Elephant Orphanage in Zambia. Her family was killed by poachers in 2010. She was rescued by the rangers and is currently living at the Kafue Release Facility in Zambia. Please consider making a donation for Kavala today, or becoming a foster parent for her! It costs about $35 a day to feed and care for her. Thank you for taking time today to APPRECIATE elephants and to help us SAVE ELEPHANTS and BUILD COMMUNITY.

Photograph shared from the GRI Elephant Orphanage


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  1. Ann

    Elephants are the most wonderful creatures that deserve to have our love and respect. They are funny and they are so loving towards one-another. It is amazing to see how intelligent they are. When one realises how deeply they mourn the passing of another elephant it is truly a lesson to us all.
    I really wish that humans will appreciate them more for their awesomeness rather than seeing them as a giant cash register.
    Actually, I think that goes for all of wildlife - if only some of the humans in this race would realise that when they kill for personal gain, it make them a total disgrace.

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