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Happy Weekend: Lost Baby Ellies

Watch the dynamics of family interaction in this beautiful video of two little elephants finding their way back to Mom. Enjoy!

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March for Elephants Fashionistas!

These advocates for the International March for Elephants will warm your heart - do you have one you’d like to share? Email it to us at [email protected] to be featured here!

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Happy Weekend: Baby’s First Steps

Watch as this baby born minutes earlier, takes it’s first steps! This is a beautiful way to start your weekend!

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Happy Weekend! Baby Elephant Love

Thanks to Susan Johnson for sharing this adorable video from their visit to Kenya. Will definitely bring a smile to your weekend!

(See a great photo sequence of this video HERE)

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Happy Weekend: Baby Elephant’s First Nap!

This past week, one Elephant Fact of the Day we shared on Facebook was about elephants sleeping. Did you realize that on average, elephants only sleep 4 hours a day/night and usually not all at once but in 30 minute periods? You’ll see why in this video from Elephants Never Forget - to sleep, elephants must get into a very vulnerable position of laying down on the ground.

If you enjoyed this short Happy Weekend clip, we encourage you to partner with award-winning Patricia Sims and Michael Clark in a documentary  which investigates the critical issues threatening elephants from the perspective of a young man and his elephant in Thailand. And there is a significant role to be played by YOU! CLICK HERE to learn more about the film, film-makers and join them to raise public awareness about poaching, helping to create a harmonious future for both elephants and humans for many years to come.



Video and photo ©canazwest
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