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Happy Weekend: A Feel Good Clip from Kenya

Some of the perils elephants face are from human-elephant conflict. In this video, a baby elephant has fallen into a man-made well. Watch as conservationists in Amboseli National Park in Kenya rescue the baby, and the best part? The reunion of mama and baby at the end! Such a sweet video for your weekend! Want to foster a baby like this one who fell in a well but was unable to be reunited to her family? Visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation and consider Naipoki (that’s who I foster!)

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Stories of Hope

Although we mourn for the loss of rhinos in Mozambique, we are thankful to hear three wonderful stories of hope for elephants this week.


This heartwarming story comes from South Africa where a captive elephant is being set free on the Gondwana Game Reserve. The game wardens have worked with her extensively to strengthen her muscles and prepare her for this new adventure. They are staying with her as she is adjusting to the wild (her experiences with her first wild rabbit and rhino are charming to read) and the elephant family that lives in the reserve is slowly accepting her into their clan. Continue to follow her adventure by checking up on Thandora’s Diary.


Thandora shared from Thandora’s Diary link above.


Traveling north to Amboseli in Kenya, there lives a strong, old bull elephant named Tim. He holds some of the largest known tusks to any elephant alive, each weighing at least 100 lbs. He has been recently spotted by the Amboseli Trust for Elephants so they are thankful to see him alive and doing well.


Photo credit: Tim of Amboseli by photographer Federico Veronesi


Although we don’t know the details of where this elephant is, this story will definitely bring you a smile!

The biggest Nike shoe ever was not made for a tall basketball player, but for an elephant with a limp.
A PR representative for the sneaker company shared a photo of this gargantuan piece of footwear on Twitter, explaining that the shoe was engineered to help one elephant find balance, since one of its legs was shorter than the others. The leather sneaker is designed to look like elephant skin, and it features stylish white buckles on the heel, grey shoelaces, and remnants of baby pink trademark Nike swooshes on the sides. No details about the age or size of the shoe or elephant were given, but from its tattered appearance it would appear the sneaker was well worn.

Read more and see other photos HERE


Photo shared from article linked above

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Earth Day: Earth Week

As we come to the close of our Earth Day: Earth Week celebration, we want to leave you with this thought:


Elephants Grazing
Lake Amboseli, Kenya
Photo © 2007 George Steinmetz
Source: http://bit.ly/17KSwlt

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The story of Jasiri - one brave little elephant


Jasiri, which means “brave one”, an orphaned albino elephant.

Jasiri was born in December 2011, to Jemima, the matriarch of the JB family. We realised right away he was special; the first albino calf documented in Amboseli in the 40 years we’ve been following them. We were all delighted at how fast he grew, and he was always very fat and full of personality. Tragedy struck at Christmas 2012, when we found Jemima’s carcass. We suspect she may have been shot by poachers, although her tusks were intact. Her daughter Jalila and grand-daughter, Jasiri’s age mate, were also missing and there was no trace of Jasiri. After months passed, we gave up hope of ever finding any of them again.

Imagine our amazement when Jasiri - whose name means “brave” in Kiswahili - appeared, alone in the Park, 3 months after his mothers’ death. He had come almost 20km from the site we found Jemima; I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted that blonde tail hair. We think he survived because he was in such good condition before his mother died, and because it has been a time of plenty in Amboseli. Still, he could never have made it all on his own, and we’re so grateful that DSWT will give him a safe and loving home with other elephants until he is big enough to become a Tsavo elephant in Ithumba. He has been through a great ordeal, and there are no guarantees, but his fighting spirit is inspirational. -VF

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(story and photos reposted from Amboseli Trust for Elephants - learn more about The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and consider sponsoring an orphaned elephant like Jasiri today!)

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