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The Thankful Elephant

As November comes to a close, it only seems appropriate to share a note of thanks.

Thank you for sharing your pictures, your stories and your thoughts about elephants on this blog/facebook page/tweets. I absolutely love hearing from you!

Thank you for your continued efforts to change laws and regulations by signing petitions, attending awareness events and spreading the news to your friends & family. Together, we are making a future of ele-advocates dedicated to saving the world’s largest land mammal from the destruction of human greed and vice. I can’t imagine a future landscape void of these amazing animals. And I’m glad to partner with people like you to create a harmonious future for both elephants and humans.

Finally, thank you for opening your heart up to love these amazing animals. As Anatole France once said,

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened

Sometimes that awakening can be painful. When we hear of an elephant family slaughtered at the hands of poachers, or of a high speed train in India plowing through a herd on the tracts, it can be devastating. Sometimes you may wish you hadn’t opened up your heart to love these creatures. But we also must remember that love is power - the strongest power there is. Mahtma Gandhi said that nothing is impossible for pure love.

So keep on loving, keep on caring, keep on sharing.  And Happy Thanksgiving from the Elephantopia family to You.


© IRAW/K. Branon

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Black Friday

elephantIt’s black friday. Unfortunately, I’m not talking about the great-sales-after-Thanksgiving! Today I was made aware of some sad news all across Africa from Kenya to South Africa. In the last two weeks, 11 elephants have been poached in Kenya’s Tsavo National Park. Local herdsman are the likely culprits. Luckily, Kenya’s parliament just passed a new law dramatically increasing the penalty for poaching. Now it’s time to see if it’s going to work. On Elephantopia’s Facebook page this week, I shared facts about great Tuskers - a Tusker is any elephant with tusks that weigh over 100lbs (45.45kg). For those who enjoy seeing the elephants on Africam, the Tembe camera is located in the Tembe Elephant Park where three of the world’s last great Tuskers live. On Monday, poachers from Mozambique (the same ones who killed the last of the rhinos there) headed into the park and killed a female elephant. There is fear for the rest of the herds since this killing was the first confirmed case of ivory poaching in Tembe and other South African government reserves in the past several years.  There is a heightened concern in conservation circles that elephants will soon be targeted actively in this region because of surging black market prices for ivory. And to top it all off, as reported earlier this week, China’s chief engineer of the Wildlife Conservation Department Yan Xun believes there there is no connection from poaching and China’s ivory consumption. I feel helpless and don’t know what can be done to save these dear animals. The only thing left for me is to pray. And share the news. And pray some more. I have to believe that the more people who know about these incidents, the more public outcry and rage, will help put an end to the bloody ivory trade and give the elephants of the world a chance for a future.


1. It’s Foster Friday - consider sponsoring an orphaned elephant from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation. I sponsor Naipoki and can attest, it is an awesome feeling to know that you are personally responsible for the care and future of one of Africa’s beautiful animals.

2. Do you shop on Ebay? Check out Ebay for Elephants, where all proceeds go towards the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. This park is a sanctuary for abused Asian elephants, and one of the places I’m considering to volunteer at next year.

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