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Weekend Ele-Fun!

Take a moment this weekend to see how much YOU know about elephants! This fun, interactive quiz is great for the whole family. Let us know what your score is - Elephantopia scored PLATINUM! That’s because we LOVE ELEPHANTS and are passionate about sharing that love through education. Together, we can create a harmonious future for elephants and humans!


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Happy Weekend: Ele-Strength!

Ever wonder how strong an elephant is?

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Action Alert

Call, tweet, write! An opportunity to make a difference: The President of the US Barack Obama is in Africa - Demand that poaching be placed on the agenda!

* Email comments:

* Phone Comments: 202-456-1111

* Twitter:
@BarackObama Please talk poaching/and wild life trafficking when you visit Africa. Elephants & Rhinos are being decimated! #rhino #elephant

As he prepares for his visit to Tanzania, the issue of corruption and poaching must be addressed!

Being among three countries Mr. Obama is visiting, Tanzania stands among African countries nestling corrupt officials in key political and government departments, and who continue squandering natural resources which this African nation has been endowed with, including tourism and wildlife resources…Poaching of elephants, rhinos, and illegal trade on live animals is an issue of major concern to the US government when discussing a pertinent development agenda for Tanzania, wildlife protectionists pointed out.

Tanzania’s elephant population had declined from 109,000 elephants in 2009 to the current estimate of less than 70,000 elephants last year in a rate of about 10,000 elephants gunned a year.

Estimates are currently counting 30 elephants killed per day or 10,950 elephants will be killed in 2013, if this slaughter is allowed to continue unabated, said Dr. Alfred Kikoti, a Tanzanian wildlife expert for the World Elephant Centre (WEC) Project—The last of our elephants will be killed in seven years’ time - the year 2020. [read full article here]

THANK YOU for taking a moment to speak out for the elephants, to have your voice heard.

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Happy Weekend: Playful Ellies!

Ever wonder how elephants play? This is a great clip showing the playful manner in which elephants interact with one another. Happy Weekend!

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Foster Friday Highlights

I love the David Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation. It’s an amazing organization dedicated to rehabilitating Africa’s orphaned elephants due to the poaching crisis. Every Friday they have something called “Foster Friday” where they invite you to help care for an orphaned elephant and protect the future of Africa’s wildlife. I currently foster Naipoki and love every minute of it. I’ve had the blessing of meeting her in person and enjoy my e-updates and photos shared from the trust. It’s a great way to get involved with helping Africa’s elephants! This is a great clip from Jay Leno interviewing Kristin Davis about her story of  rescuing an orphaned elephant in 2009.


First Lady Kenayatta with Tundani

It was also exciting this week to learn that Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on June 18 to meet the orphans and decided to sponsor an ellie: Tundani, a calf, who was estimated to be under a year old when found along the Tiva River in Tsavo East National Park last year. This is the FIRST Kenyan official to publically take personal interest in the crisis facing Kenya’s elephants. See more photograph, watch a short video about Kenyatta’s experience and read details HERE.

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Do you ever wonder if signing letters and sending tweets really makes a difference? Well, last week CNN’s polls shows that YOUR VOICE MATTERS! Illegal Wildlife Trade is now going to be a no.2 issue covered by this world-wide news source. That’s huge! Here are two more ways to get involved this week and have your voice heard for the elephants:

1. Join the Wildlife Conservation Society and send a note to your legislature asking them to NOT cut funding on programs designed to protect elephants and other wildlife. Click on this link or the picture below to send your note today! WCS_Facebook_Share_May_16c

2. Call/Tweet/Email President Obama as he prepares for his 8 day trip to Africa later this month and ask him to address the issue of poaching. Poaching is directly linked to terrorism, funds militia groups like Kony’s Child Soldiers contributing to political instability in Africa. Poaching affects people, with hundreds of people dying each year either as rangers protecting wildlife, innocent civilians caught in the middle of gunfire, or poachers themselves in bush-battles. It’s a serious issue that needs to be addressed (as Hilary Clinton and John Kerry have already noted).

E-Mail your comments:
Leave a phone message with comments: 202-456-1111
Tweet your comments: @BarackObama Please talk poaching/and wild life trafficking when you visit Africa. Elephants & Rhinos are being decimated!#rhino#elephant


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Elephant Flowers


Photograph shared from National Geographic

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News Update

This Monday it seems there is a LOT going on in the world of elephant news! Here are a few snippets to keep you updated:

  • Joyce Poole is in China. Why? “It’s either China does something, or we lose the elephants. It’s that big…If we can’t even save the elephants - such an iconic keystone animal, important to the African habitat - then what hope do we have?” She claims that most in China do not realize where the “white gold” (ivory) comes from, and hopes that as she educates, consumers of ivory will change their habits. Poole is visiting Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing to give talks and raise awareness on the issue. “I think many people don’t know that you can’t get the tusks [for ivory] without killing the elephants,” Poole said. “Also, the ivory [the world] gets today is all from killing the elephants, none from natural death now.” Read the full article HERE.
  • Also, Joyce Poole met Celia Ho and shared on facebook, “Yesterday I had the pleasure in Hong Kong to finally meet Celia Ho, the 14 year old who is trying to raise public awareness about the plight of elephants. She gave me an origami elephant made by her mother with the words, “Every Tusk Costs a Life, Don’t Buy Ivory” written on it. Thank you Celia and thank you Mama Celia. I am very grateful to you both.”
  • GOOD NEWS from Chad! The poacher behind the March slaughter of 89 elephants in Chad, Hassan Idriss, also known as Gargaf, HAS BEEN CAPTURED!!! Environment Minister Mahamat Issa Halikimi said, “It is unacceptable that lawless men roam our forests and carry out massacres of large animals when efforts to protect the environment in our country are well recognized internationally,” Let’s keep an eye on this news to see if the punishment fits the crime as the country proceeds to bring Gargaf to justice. Read the full article HERE.
  • Our hearts go out to the Gondwana Game Reserve with the loss of Thandora. Thandora was a zoo elephant who was rehabilitated and released into the wild (under close watch from care-takers). She fell ill last week and passed away on Thursday June 13…Read last diary entry HERE
  • Earlier last week, The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in the Philippines announced it was going to burn five tons of seized elephant tusks. However, after conservationists opposed the burning for air quality health issues, the DENR has decided to instead  crush the confiscated ivory on June 21. This Friday, the destruction of some US10 million worth of elephant tusks intercepted and seized by customs officials since 2009 will be destroyed to show the country’s support for the global campaign to end the illegal trade of wildlife species. Read the full article HERE.

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Celebrating Fathers

This Father’s Day we celebrate fathers everywhere: their protection, their love, their guidance. Enjoy the photographs below and the video of an elephant bull saving an orphaned baby as you celebrate the fathers in your life today.

(please note, we claim no ownership of the videos and photographs posted here)

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